Associate, Cognascent

With a rich background in research, medical planning, and clinical support to soldiers, Peter provides the academic link that connects theory with practice.


Joining the Canadian Armed Forces as a medical student in 2006, Peter entered active duty in 2010. He has since served in a variety of capacities, including as a Flight Surgeon in direct medical support to Arctic operations, and in coordinating international medical support for soldiers. Most recently, he completed a fellowship in Hyperbaric Medicine at Duke University and serves as a nation-wide Consultant in Diving Medicine for the Forces.

As a physician with a broad foundation in family, sport, and environmental medicine, Peter cares deeply about physical and mental health. Combined with his expertise in public health, he strives to optimize health and performance at both the individual and population levels. His contributions to over 20 peer-reviewed publications, invited speaking events, and mentoring of medical trainees also highlight a personal goal of communicating sound information.

Peter is a communicator, researcher, and clinician who aims to bring evidence-based leadership practices to bear.


PhD in Cellular Microbiology, University of Toronto

Master’s of Public Health candidate, University of North Carolina

Hyperbaric & Undersea Medicine Fellowship, Duke University

Diploma in Sport Medicine, CASEM

Certification in the College of Family Physicians

Doctor of Medicine (MD), University of Toronto

Masters of Science in Health Science, McMaster University

Bachelor of Science in Medical Toxicology, Guelph University