Stand-out leadership begins with a strong understanding of the Self. If you arenít moving confidently and decisively from point A to B, why would anyone else trust you to lead them?

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Stand-out leadership begins with a strong understanding of the Self. If you arenít moving confidently and decisively from point A to B, why would anyone else trust you to lead them?

If you need to refine your leadership vision, identify and apply your inherent strengths to be a stronger leader, kick the habits that keep getting in your way and set yourself up to evolve into the kind of leader youíve always admired Ė this is the best place to start.

Lead-In to Leadership applies insight from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the discoveries of Intentional Change Theory, and other researched tools and methods to give you a read of your current and potential leadership profile. Hands-on activities provide the framework for program participants to identify leadership development needs and opportunities and to build an actionable plan for growth and transformation.


Two-day Live Development Session

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Step I Interpretive) report

Session materials including Lead-In Workbook and Cognascent Leadership Development resources

Pre-Event and Post-Event supplemental content

Participant-only access to private online development space

Continental breakfast (both days of live session)

Plated lunch at Bosk (both days of live session)

Exclusive rates on executive coaching programs

What You’ll Get

Introspective Insights

A clear understanding of your own strengths and development opportunities.

Elevated Thinking

Practical experience testing and developing leadership definitions, beliefs, and philosophies to uncover blind spots, fortify vision, and elevate thinking.

Leadership Profile

Your current Leadership Profile, a vision of your Leadership Potential, and what it takes to close the gap between them.

Meaningful Shift

Observable and sustainable leadership improvement, gained through a thoughtful program of self-reflection, group discussion, and purposeful activities.

Leadership Development Agenda

The framework to develop a focused, relevant, and actionable Leadership Development Agenda.

Practical Tools

Structure and materials to continue application and practice of skills and concepts in the real world.

Is this course for you?

Managers, Directors, Vice-Presidents, and any self-motivated individuals looking to take charge of their leadership development journey; Leaders who are looking for invigorating content, multi-channel development, and the support and structure to set the course for their leadership success and realize their fullest potential.

  • "Lead-in to Leadership is a transformational program. Mia creates an environment that allows for honest self-analysis and lively discussion which inspires participants to formulate real, actionable vision. The opportunity to articulate a clear and meaningful direction, and reflect on what it personally means to be a leader has been nothing short of illuminating."

    Carolyn Fell

  • "The Lead-In to Leadership program helped me reframe how I look at leadership, but more importantly, how I look at myself. The sessions sharpened my ability to clearly articulate what I want to do and how I'm going to get it done, something we should all continuously improve."

    Dave Nourse

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